Free yourself from these 5 unhealthy food habits


Everybody has bad habits, especially when it comes to eating. Most of us snack incessantly while we work. Others are prone to guzzling a glass of their favorite coldrink while watching TV along with a bag of potato chips. Some of us even enjoy midnight snacks, mostly junk food items. However, when these actions become repetitive, they develop into habits. Not only these habits are detrimental for our health but also our physique. Unhealthy eating habits eat away our health and make us appear sluggish, fat and definitely unfit. Here are some common bad habits that we must learn to avoid. Let us learn to free ourselves  from the burden of unhealthy eating habits.

  1.          Emotional / stress eating

How do you cope with a bad day at work? Are you in a habit of gulping some extra food to overcome stress? Well, stress eating or emotional eating is known to contribute significantly to obesity and triggers risk factors for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. People with stress  eating disorders often feel compelled to eat and can’t control how much or even what they are eating. They often eat alone, until they feel sick, or when they are not hungry. Guilt, shame, disgust, and sadness come after the binge. Such people may feel embarrassed about their unhealthy eating habits and go out of their way to hide it from their friends and family.

Here’s how we can deal with it:

  • Ø  Keep junk food out of your house
  • Ø  Resolve issues that trigger emotional eating
  • Ø  Get moving whenever you are tempted to snack for emotions
  • Ø  Find better alternatives to junk food items
  • Ø  Have a positive attitude
  • Ø  Keep it real

      2       Skipping breakfast

Thinking of skipping breakfast to lose weight? Don’t! It does not help at all but promotes weight gain. Since people who skip breakfast tend to eat more during the day and burden themselves with unnecessary calories. Breakfast is perceived as the most important meal of the day. One must eat like a king in the morning and like a beggar in the night. Eating breakfast regularly helps to reduce weight, and that skipping it can raise the risk of obesity. Also, having a healthy breakfast in the morning keeps your untimely hunger pangs in check and prevents you from binge eating.

Here’s how you can deal with it:

  • Ø  Planning your breakfast the night before
  • Ø  Thinking outside the box and enjoying a homemade item
  • Ø  Making nutrition your priority
  • Ø  Eating with family members


3. Sweet tooth habit

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, sugar may not be all sweet as far as your health goes. In a world of sedentary lifestyles and reduced physical activity levels, a high sugar diet must be put to rest. Sugar has no nutritional value, yet we consume pounds of it each year.  Not only those spoonfuls of sugar are making us fat but they are also contributing to biggest health threats such as diabetes, soaring levels of obesity, hypertension alert and the like. Also, eating too much sugar can make us tired, irritable, anxious, aggressive and even lead to insomnia. So, we now know why most of us stay awake even after midnight, if we have had a cup of ice-cream or whipped a smoothie. Let us switch our sugar cravings with nutrition snacks.

How we can deal with it:

  • Ø  Regulating our sugar intake
  • Ø  Making low-sugar meal plans
  • Ø  Increasing uptake of Vitamin C
  • Ø  Using sugar replacements
  • Ø  Staying off caffeine

4.       Too much fried foods

If the aroma of fried food tickles your taste buds and sends your salivary glands into overdrive, you need to be cautious. Deep fried food items like fried chicken and French fries contain trans-fat. Trans-fat increases the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and lowers good cholesterol levels, raising your risk of heart disease. If you devour binging on French fries, do not forget to add on the extra calories which comes along with fats. It just adds to the list of diseases demon’s where you could be their next targets. With excessive love for fried foods, the death risk increases as people have impaired kidneys and are unable to filter out harmful trans-fats.

How we can deal with it:

  • Ø  Switch to canola oil or olive oil
  • Ø  Cut down on fried food items
  • Ø  Working out regularly
  • Ø  Be realistic

5.       Love for fast/ junk food

Just like fast driving and a fast life, fast food, if consumed regularly, can put you on the spot of danger. A high calorie and a high fat diet has little nutritional value leading to high cholesterol levels, diabetes and most importantly heart attacks. Moreover, fast foods have a low satiety value and people still feel hungry after having them. Also, they have added sugars, high degree trans –fats and other chemical products which add to your waistlines. So, if you are already juggling with the thought of trimming down your waistlines and having a healthy body, avoiding junk foods is a must.

How we can deal with it:

  • Ø  Practice five-ingredient rule
  • Ø  Aim for colors on your eating pate
  • Ø  Make healthy food your treat
  • Ø  Break the routine – go for a walk
  • Ø  Keep the healthy stuff handy

We are now aware that we should have heathy eating habits to keep us strong and in good shape. Turning around these unhealthy eating habits and switching them with nutrition bytes is the only key to a healthy you. One should drink more and more water; use healthy oils, the more veggies the better and most certainly cut down on processed food items. Do not forget, it is your body and you only have to look after it. This Independence Day, free yourselves from these unhealthy food habits and feel the change.

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