Top Impressive Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter


 Cocoa butter is a great and amazing vegetable fat that maybe you have enjoyed regularly without recognizing it. It is also known as theobroma oil, you can definitely find it in chocolates or beauty products as well.

What is Cocoa Butter?
 Cocoa butter is natural fat obtained from cocoa beans with excellent uses for basic human need. Let’s take a quick look at the progress of making cocoa butter. Firstly, the cocoa fruits are harvested from the big cocoa tree, then they are peeled to get the cocoa beans. Afterward those cocoa beans are cleansed, roasted and extracted into the edible oil – cocoa butter. It is nearly solid and soft faded yellow. Along with cocoa butter, cocoa powder is another useful product of cocoa beans.
 Based on sweet and savory taste of cocoa butter, it is the key ingredient used to manufacture chocolate bars, candies or ice cream. Otherwise, cocoa butter has stable shape at normal temperature, but it is easy to be melted with body heat. This is the reason why chocolate gradually softens in your mouth. Research has found the high level of antioxidants in cocoa butter, hence this is such a significant way to prevent it from becoming stale. In addition to these advantage, cocoa butter will help you protect the skin, boost the immune system and reduce the inflammation.
  Even though cocoa butter is good for your health, you should consume it sufficiently avoid being overweight.

Nutrition Facts

  Cocoa butter is fatty oil, so fat is fully account for 100 percent of it. Therefore, cocoa butter includes no protein, carbohydrate or dietary mineral. Up to 60 percent of cocoa butter is saturated fat, therefore using it with huge amounts can increase the cholesterol in your body and lead to heart disease. With 100 gram of cocoa butter, it provides you 884 calories, 100 gram fat, 1.8 gram vitamin E and 24.7 microgram vitamin K.

Here are top health benefits of cocoa butter.

1. Aging Problem

  The most wonderful health benefit of cocoa butter is to help you deal with aging problem. It is able to decrease the symptoms of aging such as retrograde of your skin, scars and wrinkles. Thanks to the high level of antioxidant contents in cocoa butter, it is the great source slowing down the aging process and balancing the free radicals all through your body. Because the free radicals are the main cause of degeneration.

2. Healthy Skin Condition

   Cocoa butter is also an ideal skin care regimen. Due to its antioxidant compounds, it will protect your skin, heal dry skin and smooth age spots, even scars in your face. Otherwise, nutritionist have advised people to use cocoa butter as a natural option for sensitive skin. Use this vegetable fat instead of skin creams that will hydrate the skin and enhance elasticity, cure blackheads and save lots of money

3. Improve Hair Condition

  Another useful health benefit of cocoa butter is to stay away from baldness. Cocoa butter is related to a small decrease in dandruff and hair building fibers. This natural oil aid you in moisturizing your hair, improving quality of hair and lowering the hair loss. How to follow this remedy:
     Get some drops of essential oils like coconut, vanilla…
     Warm it up meanwhile twist it up continually.
     Take it out and wait for it to be cool down.
     Get a cup of cocoa butter and mix it with essential oils.
     Put the mixture in fridge for 20 minutes.
     Dissolve the solid butter.
     Rub the hair with this mixture.

4. Help you deal with Inflammation

   Obviously, cocoa butter is rich in antioxidant substances that will decrease the inflammation. With the properties of cocoa butter, it can reduce the infection issues such as psoriasis, rash or some other inflamed skin problem. This advantage of cocoa butter can be gained by eating chocolates. Unfortunately, you may get obesity problem because your body will be supplied with a great amount of calories and fat. However, consuming chocolates is able to boost your immune system and overall health.

5. Treat Mouth Sores

  Cocoa butter probably has effect on curing the mouth sores. If you are uncomfortable with the pain, cocoa butter may help you to handle this problem. This solution decreases pain and swelling. When you put some cocoa butter right into the infection area, the good result will happen little by little. This way is like a barrier to cover the pain and prevent the wound from being infected to surrounding areas.

6. Get rid of Constipation

  Next great health benefit of cocoa butter is treating the constipation. While you are suffering from this problem, it surely makes you feel very annoyed and inconvenient. But don’t worry, there is cocoa butter. It is going to help you to stimulate bowel condition and get away from constipation. This option is recommended for children who have to face with sensory progress issues.

7. Keep your Lips Moisturized and Soft
  Last but not least, cocoa butter is good at protecting your lips. A smooth pair of lips is play an important role in featuring your face, so you should look after them carefully. Use cocoa butter to aid your lips in becoming soft and healthy. Especially, when winter comes, perhaps your lips would be dried up and chapped. So this natural fat is a significant remedy for those problem to be disappeared.

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