Top 5 health benefits of watercress for your body from tip to toe


Watercress is a kind of vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family. It is under the same roof with broccoli, kale, arugula and sprouts. As a green leafy vegetable, watercress is considered as a super food which contains a rich source of minerals and vitamins, such as iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, etc. These properties are able to boost your immune system, protect you from cancer and provide you with more nutrients. Especially, the level of vitamin C, iron and calcium in watercress is higher than orange, milk and spinach. With these nutritional values, watercress is really a natural therapy for a healthy body. If you like eating vegetable and believe that they are such a source of health benefits, let’s try watercress from today. However, if you are still suspicious of health benefits of watercress, things below will make you change your mind.

1.   Bone strengthens
The high level of calcium in watercress makes this leafy vegetable be a valuable food for bone system. This property is able to increase bone density and fight against osteoporosis. Besides, folate in watercress is very beneficial for maintaining bone density and makes them strong. With watercress, your production of osteoblasts will be improved effectively, bring you a strong bone system for all activities in daily life.

2.   Cancer prevention
In spite of being a cheap vegetable, watercress owns an effective cancer preventive phytonutrient, that keep you safe from dangerous cancers such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer. Vitamin C in watercress has the ability to reduce stress caused by cancer as well as prevent tumors. In addition, the phytochemical compound contained in cruciferous vegetables can defense promoting cellular protection. If you eat watercress every day, your risk at breast cancer or other kinds of cancer will be low surprisingly.

3.   Eye health
According a study published on CTAjournal, vitamin C works well on reducing the risk of eye diseases, such as cataract development. With a rich source of vitamin C, watercress is absolutely a remedy for your eyes, improve your vision and protect you from dangerous symptoms. Therefore, you should add watercress to your diet as soon as possible if you don’t want to wear glasses.

4.   Common cold treatment
Again, watercress proves its advantages due to the high level of vitamin C. It is not only effective in eyesight, bone system, but also a useful remedy for cold treatment. You will be free from cold if you consume watercress regularly, your immune system will be prepared to defeat any common cold attacking you.

5.   Brain health                  
Your brain can be attacked by many serious diseases and disorders. Fortunately, watercress can help you deal with them positively. Consumption of vitamin C in watercress contributes to prevention of Alzheimer and ageing. It also helps to improve brain function and prevent damage of brain injury. Protect your brain with a cheap and available vegetable, such a saving remedy for everybody. See some natural ways for sleep apnea.

As you may know, vegetable is really a valuable source of health benefits for human body and watercress is absolutely on the top of the list with various nutrients, vitamins, minerals inside it. Therefore, adding watercress to the diet of your family will provide you with a useful tool to defend against many dangerous diseases. Besides, its flavor is pretty good and can combine with other ingredients to create a delicious dish. I am sure you can find watercress in any food markets easily and turn it to new dishes for your family. That’s all you need to do, let watercress takes care of the rest of stuff.

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