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A sty which is also called hordeolum in medical term, is a type of infection which happen when the oil gland of the eyelids forms a red lump on the eyelid. Eventually, it might come to head since it filled with pus. The causes for this infection are known to be dirt, makeup or other debris which might clog and cause the oil gland infected with bacteria. The main bacteria which cause this problems is called staphylococcus. However, in some cases, there are different bacterial may add to this problem as well.
Those who are suffering from blepharitis might be more prone to this condition which can lead to inflammation of the eyelash follicles. Moreover, those factors such as stress, hormonal changes as well as poor hygiene may even worsen the problems. And it might come back from time to time. Normally, a sty is filled with pus and it appears as a pimple on the eyelid. It will develop along the outer edge of the eyelid and sometimes, it might inject into the internal eyelid as well.
The symptoms of this disease are pain, swelling, burning sensation, tenderness, itchiness, difficulty blinking, and excess sensitivity to light as well as mucus discharge from the wound. Sty might fade away gradually over 1 – 2 weeks. However, in order to speed up the healing process and relieve the pain, you might try some home remedies.
Apply the warm compress to the eyelid that is affected by the sty may help to regulate circulation of the area and accelerate the rupture and drainage of the pus from the affected area. Moreover, it also reduce the symptoms of the sty like pain and swelling. See some natural ways for red eyes.
·         Soak a clean towel into the hot water and squeeze out the excess water
·         Apply the warm towel on the affected area
·         Hold it for several minutes
·         Repeat the process for several times throughout the day for several days till you notice the improvement.
·         Wipe the pus away by using a clean towel.
Coriander seeds are a traditional but effective home remedy to treat sties thanks to their incredible anti – inflammatory properties. These seeds will help you effectively in mitigating pain, sore, redness and swelling as well, therefore, it can help you feel much better in several days.
·         Put some of coriander seeds into a cup of water and boil it.
·         Let the solution cool down to room temperature
·         Use the solution to wash the affected area
·         Repeat the process for several times a day till you notice the improvement

The anti – inflammatory and antibacterial properties found in turmeric powder can significantly help you to get rid of a sty promptly. It also can mitigate the inflammation and remove infection causes of the sty as well.
·         Add some turmeric into a cup of water and boil till the mixture is remained half.
·         Let it cool down and strain it by a cheese cloth.
·         Use this solution to wash the wound for several times throughout the day
·         You can mix some turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk
·         Consume it before going to sleep for a week.
Green tea is packed with anti – inflammatory properties galore which can significantly help to mitigate the inflammation and pain caused by the sty. Moreover, it possesses plenty tannic acid which can by very excellent at keeping infection away from the eye. In addition, variety of nutrients are found in green tea which can boost up the healing process. Check out green tea for black eyes.
·         Soak a bag in a small glass of hot water for a few minutes
·         Squeeze out the spare water
·         Apply the bag on your affected area
·         Hold it for 3 – 5 minutes
·         Do this for a few times on a daily basis till the sty is significantly reduced and the pain has gone.
This is another effective and popular treatment for sties thanks to its amazing antibacterial, anti – inflammatory and soothing properties. It can mitigate redness, inflammation and swelling while boosting healing process as well.
·         Extract the gel from an aloe vera leaf
·         Apply and rub in a gentle way the gel on the afflicted area
·         Let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing off with water
·         Do this on a frequent basis like a few times a day till you notice the improvement
In order to get a quick recovery, it is significant to remain the cleanness for the affected area and keep it free of dust and dirt as well.
·         Add several drops of baby shampoo (mild) to a glass of warm water
·         Stir it well till the baby shampoo is diluted.
·         Dip a cotton swab into the solution
·         Apply on the affected area with your eyes are closed.
·         After that, rinse with clean water
·         Repeat the warm compress for several minutes
·         You can do this several times throughout the day till your sty disappears.

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