Adoption and Breastfeeding


We live in a society where rumours and thoughts become so prevalent that everyone naturally starts believing them without any solid research. One such rumour is that it is impossible to breastfeed an adopted child. Yes, you have heard the truth you can breastfeed a baby to whom you did not give birth. You will be astonished to hear that you can breastfeed even if you were never pregnant or you have reached menopause. This type of lactation is known as induced lactation. Breastfeeding is very important for a child; hence it is very advisable for the new mother to breastfeed the child. Breastfeeding is not merely for nutrition but it has various other benefits some important ones to mention- long term protection from some of the chronic diseases helps in maintaining the correct weight, increase the bonding and many other.

It is very much possible to breastfeed an adopted baby with no preparation. Most of the people in the world think that without actually giving the birth hormones won't is created but tell the truth, It’s the sucking of a child that drives the hormones and hence triggers milk production, hence the more the frequency of breastfeeding the better the better the milk production. Though it’s a bit more difficult to induce the milk in the mother who has never been pregnant as pregnancy helps in increase the hormones estrogen and progesterone which help in enlarging the ducts and alveoli. However, if you know in advance that a child is coming then it will be better to be prepared for it. This can be done by manually and by mechanically stimulating the breasts and nipple by gentle massages and by pumping several times during each day. One effective method of igniting the milk production is by lubricating the breast while pumping instead doing that on dry.
Breastfeeding an adopted child can be a bit tedious but it is very rewarding as this is the time where you can bond with the child. You shouldn’t be much concerned about the amount of milk that is being produced, rather you should focus on bonding is increasing between you and your child. The amount of milk produced is increased eventually. It is believed that for a good bonding a skin to skin contact is very necessary, which is very well reached during breastfeeding.
Sometimes it is observed that babies are reluctant to feed on the breast of the new mother, the reason is that they require some time to develop trust and attachment with their new mother. This becomes a little tricky in this situation, the mother should be gentle, respectful and persistent in offering the breast but a mother should never be very forceful on the child to breastfeed, it is never advisable.
It is quite natural that all mother may not be able to produce as much milk as required by their child, hence it is observed that many mothers use at-breast supplement. At-breast supplements are basically to overcome the lack of supply of adequate quantity of milk. There are mainly two brands in the market Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer and the Medela Supplemental Nursing system (SNS). There are some differences in the way they work Supplemental Nursing System allows the milk to flow by gravity I.e even when the baby is not sucking he/she will get the milk, and they also come in various sizes of tubing merely for faster and slower flow, whereas in the case of Last-Aid, in this the milk is not passed unless the baby is sucking.

I hope after reading this article some of the misconceptions regarding this topic must have been cleared. Do share your experience, if you had any in the comments below.

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