How To Look After Your Precious Locks


Having healthy and lustrous locks adds a distinct charm to a woman's appearance, we all agree on that! For a woman, long and shining tresses define her facial beauty and endow her with a unique outlook. However, with stress overpowering our lives indeterminately, hair fall has become a common concern. Women from every nook and cranny around the world are seen reporting hair related abnormalities such as excessive dandruff, dry and frizzy hair, split-ends, early graying, and a lot more to add to the list of her hair woes. Many feel depressed, having bundles of hair going down the pit with every wash. Although, markets are flooded with a panoply of hair care solutions, yet it is difficult to understand which line of products will suit an individual, without posing any side-effects. According to hair care experts, a majority of hair care products has excess amounts of chemicals in them, which degrade the quality of hair with the passage of time. To find respite from excessive hair loss, buying premium quality wigs or going for hair transplant treatments seem to be plausible solutions to many.

Other than cosmetic solutions, a lot of women are looking forward to lay hands on alternative solutions to promote hair growth. Once again, traditional methods for hair care are quite popular amongst the females for obtaining their luscious locks back. We should not forget the fact, hair has been the crowning glory for women of all age groups, and thus it is imperative to find excellent solutions for exceptional volume and radiance.
To prevent hair related problems and improve the quality of your locks, you can now use home-made remedies with convenience at your disposal. Unlike, cosmetic shampoos and modernized hair care solutions, home-made remedies do not pose any side-effects on the users.

Herbal Hair Care Tips
  • Instead of bottled conditioners, a mixture of lemon, curd and tea extracts makes an excellent hair mask and conditioner. You can apply this mixture twice a month to regain the lost luster.
  • If you lack the volume, use apple cider vinegar to give you a bouncy effect.
  • For dry hair, avoid washing your hair with warm water, even during winters. Also, you can bid goodbyes to split ends.
  • Grate an onion and separate the liquid solution in a different bowl. Apply this solution once in a week to put an end to dandruff and flaking.
  • Know your supplements. Increase your intake of iron, zinc and protein based dietary supplements to have a fuller appearance on your head.
  • Fermented products like Beer and Whiskey also serve as excellent conditioners for your hair. You can apply them once in a month for gleaming and healthy tresses.
  • Eat and apply eggs. Eggs are excellent for a shimmering look as well as containing albumin protein to gift you stronger and longer manes.

You may have wavy or straight hair, dense or light-weight; what is more important is taking care of them in the most efficient manner. Make use of these above mentioned hair tips and add luster and volume to your hair. Go with quick curls, pretty bow buns, ponytails or french braids; sport any of these hairstyles with your long and shiny tresses.

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